Special Events at CelestiCon


CelestiSpiel Prototype Playtesting and Game Design

Celestispiel brings the Protospiel concept to CelestiCon. At this event, game designers, publishers, and people who just want to playtest come together to playtest nearly-complete tabletop game prototypes including boardgames, card games, and role-playing games.

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Fantasy Flight Games Tournament Track

Come to CelestiCon to compete in your favorite card, board and miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games! We offer a special reduced-price ticket for attendees who only want to participate in FFG tournaments.

Tekumel Track

Take part in the West Coast's first Tekumel Track celebrating Professor M.A.R. Barker's incredibly detailed fantasy RPG setting, first published by TSR Inc. in 1975!

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Miniatures Painting Events

Join Wayne Rogers for the CelestiCon Paint and Take events, and the CelestiCon Miniature-Painting Competition!

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Warhammer Tournaments

CelestiCon offers four days of Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy tournaments!

For more information check out the GW Events web page.

The War College with Dana Lombardy

CelestiCon is proud to host Dana Lombardy's War College series of historical talks. For more information on this program check out the War College events page.

Recordings of War College talks from previous years can be found the Seminars Page.


CelestiCon hosts a number of interesting gaming and fan related seminars. 

Recordings of seminars from previous years can be found the Seminars Page.

Young Players Room

Bring your family! CelestiCon's Young Player's Room is full of fun for young gamers. Players ages 8 and up will find a ton of games to play - board games, cards games, miniatures and RPGs, we've got them all. Children younger than 8 are welcome, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The Young Players Room is run by Becky Thomas. Becky also runs the Young Players room for the KublaCon Game Convention and the Abantey Roleplaying Workshop.

Click on this link for more information about the Young Players Room at CelestiCon.

Teen Players Room!

In addition to the Young Players Room, Becky Thomas is running a Teen Players room for players age 13-17!

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