The CelestiCon Flea Market

Friday 11pm

There is no charge to shop at the Flea Market. All sellers and buyers must be a registered attendee of the CelestiCon Game Convention to participate in any Flea Market activity.

To be a Flea Market seller you must reserve a table either in advance using the form below, or at the CelestiCon Registration Desk during the convention. Space is limited so reserve a table early. The cost to reserve online is $20. To reserve a table at the convention cost is $30.

The flea market opens to buyers Friday at 11:00 pm.

Tables are 6'x 30'' for each space reserved. Table space will be assigned on a first-come basis at the Flea Market check in area.

Flea Market Table

Reserve one 6'x30'' table in the CelestiCon Friday evening Flea Market.
Name on booth:

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