Dealers Room

If you are interested in being a dealer at the CelestiCon Game Convention, please contact us by filling out our Dealer Information form.

The CelestiCon Dealer Room will be open the following hours during the convention:

Friday 6pm - 9pm | Saturday 10am - 6pm | Sunday 10am - 6pm | Monday 10am - noon

Dealers for CelestiCon 2015

CreepyTown Miniatures

28mm - 30mm wargaming and RPG terrains for all genres, professionally painted miniatures from many respected manufacturers, painting customization and repair service, and good prices on harder-to-find and lesser-known models and games.

Maria Berry Enterprises

Steampunk jewelry, accessories, goggles and hats. Colonel Fizziwig's CollectibleSteampunk Weapons. Mad Science Lamps.

Dragon's Perch

Dragon's Perch sells various Dragon and other fantasy related products, including jewelry, dragon statues and dragon plushes.

Game Kastle

The most amazing game store throughout the kingdom! Game Kastle has an arsenal of tabletop games and accessories at your disposal. We specialize in hard to find miniature lines as well as European style board games, wargames, RPG's and more. Checkout our Training Grounds where we run regular demos. Advance to the Arena where we hold regular events, and if you dare - venture into the Dungeon for open gaming and tournaments. Storm the Kastle!


Founded in 2001 by former AD&D artist Jeff Dee, UNIgames publishes a wide range of innovative tabletop role-playing games.

Bigger Better Games

Bigger Better Games is the premier game store in Fremont. Hosting dozens of events every month, selling the best and latest in board games, miniatures, CCGs and more.

Dava Designs

We sell semi-precious and precious and crystal (Swarovski) jewelry, chain mail jewelry, some costumes, and a variety of gamer knick-knacks.

Jezebel Artisan Works

For the fashion warrior in you-- Jezebel Artisan Works creates bright and beautiful chainmaille jewelry pieces perfect for any occasion, be it a boardroom battlefield, or a social skirmish.  Come by and see our sparkling lovelies!  Or if you’re looking for less sparkle and more color, check out our paracord creations, which combine utility and style.  Need a place for your weapons of gaming?  Dice bags abound in the Jezebel kingdom.  And never fear, we can also create custom pieces to best express your inner Paladin or Princess.


GeekLine415 is heard exclusively on on Tuesday nights, 8-10 PM PST. has shows covering a broad range of topics and GeekLine415 is your weekly fix of all things geek!

The Ninth Stich / Moon Majick Creations

The Ninth Stich / Moon Majick Creations makes hand made bags, cloaks, hats, key chains, buttons, rings, hair Fascinators, jewelry, steampunk weapons, hand drawn art etc.

Good Luck Games

Good luck games carries an assortment of your favorite games including board games and a good selection of Reiner Knizia's games and of the Catan series.

Dire Ninja Media

Dire Ninja Media, publisher of games (such as P.E.R.K. the Pretty Easy Roleplaying Kit which beautifully balances game play and simplicity with fast and simple rules) as well as independent authors and artists.

Major Sponsors & Prize Support