Prototype Playtesting and Game Design

Friday noon - 10 pm Saturday & Sunday 10am - 10 pm | Monday 10 am - 2 pm

Celestispiel brings four days of the Protospiel concept to CelestiCon. At this event, game designers, publishers, and people who just want to playtest come together to playtest nearly-complete tabletop game prototypes including boardgames, card games, and role-playing games. This is a casual atmosphere, where participants are asked to give as much time as they use, and to provide productive feedback to help designers refine their games.

Celestispiel is for:

  • Designers to bring in their nearly finished game prototypes to test and refine.
  • Publishers who wish to discover new designs.
  • Gamers who want to playtest prototypes and provide helpful feedback to help these games achieve their potential.
  • All members of the game industry who have an interest in helping make the next generation of tabletop games even better. 
  • Games of all formats: boardgames, miniatures games, roleplaying games and more.

Celestispiel is not a game design contest. It is an event for designers to personally bring in their own games to playtest.

There will be an orientation session held at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning.

The designated playtesting space will be available throughout the convention, and additional space will be available in the open gaming areas.

For more information on this event join the FaceBook group or contact Luke Laurie.

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