System Request Search Results

If you are wondering what other CelestiCon attendees are interested in playing, or are a Game Master looking for ideas of what to run, this is the place to look.

Below are the game and event requests we have received.

17 events found


Attack wing dungeons and dragons: 6-10
Rialto: Friday, anytime
Cthulhu Wars: Any time, 'specially w/Sandy Petersen!
White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying: Any
Infinity: Friday/ Saturday
White Wolf: Sat or Sun
Earthdawn: Any
Game Publication from design to retail shop:
Speed Painting: saturday, sun or monday
LotR: Saturday 2pm
Star Wars: Friday or Sunday
Evolution by North Star Games: anytime
Traveller: Anytime
Eldritch Horror: any
Firefly board game: any
Arkham Horror: any
Tekumel/Empire of the Petal Throne: Anytime

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