War of the Dragons

GM: Leland R. Erickson
Sunday 1:30 PM for 1.5 hours, in Fremont C
Type: WarCollege

When Americans hear the words “Korean War” the conflict in the aftermath of the Second World War automatically comes to mind. In fact, long before General Douglass MacArthur pondered landing at Inchon, the Japanese warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi attempted to act out his grandiose imperial ambitions by sending tens of thousands of veteran samurai and ashigaru foot soldiers to the Korean Peninsula in a vainglorious attempt to become the new emperor of all of Asia. Taken off guard by the ferocity of the Japanese invasion, the Korean kingdom nearly fell to Hideyoshi’s brutal legions. Yet just as the Korean cause looked all but lost, the balance of power was shifted decisively by the timely intervention of two very different forces that came to Korea’s rescue. Find out how Korea prevailed in one of history’s lesser-known but ferociously contested conflicts.

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