Convention Hours: Friday noon - Monday 5pm (round the clock gaming)

CelestiCon Hiatus

Thank you for your interest in the CelestiCon Game Convention. You have helped make it the fastest growing, and funnest, game convention in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have all created many wonderful memories (and even one marriage came out of it). I also feel blessed by meeting so many more of you than I knew a few years ago.

Unfortunately the economy has continued to keep us from being able to find suitable convention space. With that, we have decided to put CelestiCon on hiatus for now.

If we can bring the convention back to life, we’ll be sure to let everyone know!

Thank you again for your support, and I hope to see you around and having fun gaming.

Kris Miller
CelestiCon Organizer


2015 Program Book Online

The 2015 CelestiCon Program Book is now available as a PDF. Just click here to view it! 

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