''Recycling With An Attitude!'' - Expanded

GM: Leland R. Erickson
Sunday 3 PM for 1.5 hours, in Fremont C
Type: WarCollege

Leland R. Erickson has been involved in the hobby of science fiction miniature wargaming since 1974. Joining the hobby at a time when science fiction model kits and figures were few and far between, Leland quickly adopted the fine old science fiction film maker’s special effects solution of making his props out of whatever was available and could be glued together—no recyclable is safe from this madman’s fevered artistic vision! His enthusiasm for things strange, unusual, and neglected from history bonded at an early age with Leland’s interest in aviation, tanks, warship design, and science fiction literature and film, a blend of ideas and concepts that launched a nonstop creative effort spanning over 35 years of original science fiction model building.

A builder of plastic models since age 8, Leland is an award winning figure painter and model builder who is eager to share his accumulated knowledge and experience with anyone interested in learning how to Recycle With An Attitude.

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